Noah Barker

Noah Barker

Redevelopment of a Soundtrack

26th of June – 12th of August 2017. Extended until 17th of September.


Theme by Ju Muaroka and Ichito Mori is the aggregate composition of the tracks playing independently at Éclair.

Éclair presents Redevelopment of a Soundtrack, an exhibition in conjunction with the Berlin based record label ABCDLP’s rerelease of Barker’s redacted Soundtrack for Development.

The presentation at Éclair follows a prior project for the city of Okayama, Japan commissioned as part of the first triennial Okayama Art Summit. Scored by moving images, a five-minute song was recorded by two of the city’s residents: Ju Muraoka and Ichito Mori. In New York six remixes were derived from the song’s component tracks, each 50 minutes in duration. The audio present has been remastered and the packaging and display reformatted. The CDs, originally playing across the entries to six venues, denoting arrival and departure, are at Éclair hosted by a single room. A 1.85 x 1 rectangle of white carpeting receives the prior production. Accompanying the audio stored in the metadata of each CD are the individual track titles. At Eclair the titles are compiled into a single spinning CD size sentence and indicated by bold type.

Noah Barker was born in 1991 and lives and works in New York, NY. Recent solo exhibitions have been held at And Now, Dallas, TX (2016); First Continent, Baltimore, MD (2015). Selected group exhibitions include 開発/Development, curated by Liam Gillick, Okayama, Japan, (2016); Managua, X Biennal de Nicaragua, Nicaragua (2016); Ver Lento, Centro de la Imagen, Mexico City, Mexico (2016). Recent curated exhibitions include A Few Open Systems, And Now, Dallas, TX (2017); Encore Mode, Lodos, Mexico City, Mexico (2017). Éclair Gotzkowskystr. 16 10555 Berlin