Magnus Andersen
Orchard – Improvement of Sensibility
April 27th – July 9th 2019



Essentials of Horticulture: 


Imagine a lonely strip of land deep inside you, way beyond any aspiration towards better life and morals, where only your loves, your fears and your dreams are ghosting around. That strip of land has nothing on it. It’s empty, No plants, no houses, no nothing. It is nothing more than a simple playground for your drives and desires! You can choose to cultivate that dried up little piece of land. Yes, to turn it into a beautiful garden! A beautifully organized and stable garden that that can contain and preserve your dreams. Just imagine! It is possible. But first one must learn how to set up and maintain a garden. Lets enter…

Control, the first most important step of planning out your garden. Soil that is sterile, hard and impenetrable has to be loosened up before we can start. Break the surface and take control.

Plot of unplanted soil – Always reserve a piece of well prepared fertile soil unplanted – As a strong symbol it is known to stimulate regional affection – especially among people with resisting personalities.

Running water – movement is important to a garden, because it simulates the noisy and confusing world, in which the student will anyway soon be active. And do right from wrong, even if surroundings are liquid and unpredictable. So canals must be dug to give the garden that necessary pulse – like veins of passion.

Still waters run deep – In contrast to running water, but just as necessary – reflection pools are to be laid out with invitation to think and reflect. As a mirror for sky and soul the pool’s most honorable task is to provide space – for vanity.

Flower beds – should be well planned and color adjusted to encourage the ability to pick flowers, and assemble bouquets. It’s important to build up a kerb of stones to make it more difficult for snails and other intruders to access the bed. As well providing a note of sophistication.

Hidden corners should be kept simple, and humble for those quiet moments of sharing secrets, or… of consulting oracles!

Raised Cabbage beds – it is of great ornamental value to the human mind to contemplate cabbage over a long period of time. Expect great stimulation of your subconscious mind. Here we also need a fine sense for the fragile composition of soil, as cabbage celebrates a mixture rich in nutrients.

And finally – the most important element in our garden – the peach orchard – This ancient tradition of planting young peach trees in random, but close order, central to the garden, serves the most delicate, yet complex purpose: the fundamental burst of your sensibility!